Martin Geddes


My name is Martin Geddes, I have over forty years experience in the Metal Fabrication industry. Fourteen of which were spent on the tools, experiencing a large variety of manufacturing in metal fabrication workshops. For the last twenty-six years I have been employed as a tutor, workplace assessor, and a qualified teacher in the Metals and Engineering field.

I hold International welding qualifications and in 2005 I travelled to Germany and the Czech Republic to keep abreast of the latest welding technologies.

I was one of fifteen Queenslanders to be granted a Churchill Fellowship in 2005, and in 2006 I spent eight weeks between the USA and Czech Republic to enhance my skills in the forging and forming of hot ferrous metals (blacksmithing).

My desire to get involved in Blacksmithing started in 1993 when I started teaching at Yeronga TAFE and attended as many courses as I could find. In 1995 the Blacksmithing teacher left Yeronga and I took his place teaching the courses, I continued to teach the Blacksmith courses at Yeronga until 2002 when I got a teaching position at the Bremer TAFE in Ipswich. Bringing the Blacksmithing equipment with me, I set up shop in the Power House at the Railway Workshops Museum and later in the Blacksmith shop on the same site.

In 2013, the Blacksmithing equipment was then donated to the Cooneana Historical Centre and for two years I ran Blacksmith classes at my residence. Late 2016, I was asked to set up a Blacksmith shop at the Cooneana Historical Centre. Since that time, I have established a functional Blacksmith shop not only in its ability to display the trade/craft but also as a safe teaching facility in which I run two seven-hour classes a month of beginners and advanced classes and an open night the first Monday of each month.

In late 2017, I made a financial commitment and built six portable forges purchased anvils and fabricated adjustable height stands including a lot of tooling to assist me in running classes on location.