Blacksmithing for Beginners

Our Beginner courses are the best place to start to learn the craft of blacksmithing.

Two of the most basic important tools used by a Smith is the fire tools for the forge and tongs and that’s what we will be making during each class. Just these two jobs encompass many skills to complete. The class content will be as follows:

ABC of Tong Making:
The ABC of Tongs, encompasses many techniques and a skill set all Blacksmith enthusiasts need. This class will provide you the skills and knowledge to create this integral tool in your Blacksmith shops and provide you the opportunity to build on your tong collection. We work through each step of the process and a full understanding of tong making will be explained. Also a strong emphasis on fire maintenance will be discussed through out the day.

Fire Tools for the Forge:
The set of Fire Tools we will be making encompasses many skills like drawing out, forming eyes on the horn of the anvil, twisting, old hand crank drilling, riveting, striking, assembly, finishing and much more. This exercise captures many skills and the fire tool set are an integral tool in all Blacksmith shops. Also a strong emphasis on fire maintenance will be discussed through out the day.

Also Striking Techniques will be used efficiently and safely, I’m passionate about the restoration of this lost skill.

Much more will be discussed in my Blacksmith Shop within a relaxed and casual environment.

Classes will be held at Cooneana Heritage Centre.

All classes are held on Saturdays and are from 7.30am to 3.30pm (1hr for lunch) at a cost of $265.00 per student, lunches will be provided. Unfortunately, I am not able to cater for dietary requirements.

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