Striking – The Lost Language


You would of had a small exposure experiencing the working relationship between the Smith and Striker in the beginners class so if you have someone you forge with already then this is your perfect opportunity to fine tune those Striking skills and remember the Smith must also learn how to incorporate the union. Come in pairs or simply link up with others in the course.

Striking- The Lost Language workshop will take you back to the past, a forgotten past when communication in the blacksmith shop was solely done by the ring of the hammer on the anvil and subtle gestures by the Smith, often missed by an untrained eye to indicate what the Smith needed from his Striker so he could forge quickly while the iron was still hot and malleable. The Industrial Revelation choked out the silent word that had evolved for centuries between the Smith and the Striker, this language was the creation of generations of Smiths that knew by yelling “hit it”, “go”, “again” “softer”, “change hammer” was no way to swiftly, efficiently and of course not practical to move through a full days work and not to forget the journeyman that travelled to neighbouring countries to fulfilĀ his requirements to become a tradesmen he had no time to study the local language but knew he had to learn the language that was in many cases used for generations in that one family business. We will together work as the Smith and the Striker did centuries ago and revisit a part of mans evolutionary apprenticeship with metal and forge using this none verbal form of communication and I trust you will then keep it alive by using it the next time you call in your Striker.

These skills involve:

  • How to call in your Striker
  • What hammer weight to call
  • How to pause your Striker
  • How many times you need tooling to be struck
  • Different modes
  • Getting different hammer pressure and speed out of you Striker
  • And many many more non-verbal communications.

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