Kids Blacksmithing Class

The kids will have an opportunity to heat some 6mm diameter solid bar in the Blacksmith Forge, when the steel is curved around the horn of the anvil, using the Tongs it then can be joined by a solid steel rivet. The children will be encouraged to stamp their name one the work piece.

Safety is paramount and will be discussed with the adults and the children prior to and during the class. These classes are run with only four children aged between thirteen and fifteen. A parent or carer MUST attend the class with each child for the full four hours. To be suitable for the course, kids must be well behaved and capable of following a sequence of instruction uninhibited.

Everyone in the workshop is required to have long pants (jeans), long sleeve shirts (no nylon or flammables), covered footwear (no runners), and safety glasses. Best to maybe buy a pair of safety glasses before the day so the children are comfortable wearing them for several hours.

Classes will be held at Cooneana Heritage Centre, duration is four hours from 8.00am to 12.00 noon and tickets are $160.00 per child.

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